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The Days that Follow The Days that Follow 12/29/13 David Plant Matthew 2:1-12 $2.50
Home from Exile Home from Exile 12/22/13 Timothy J. Keller Isaiah 35:1-10 $2.50
Healing from Decay Healing from Decay 12/15/13 Timothy J. Keller Isaiah 11:1-10 $2.50
Light in the Darkness Light in the Darkness 12/08/13 Timothy J. Keller Isaiah 9:1-7 $2.50
Comfort in Sorrow Comfort in Sorrow 12/01/13 David Bisgrove Isaiah 40:1-11 $2.50
Advent: Jesus, Our Hope Advent: Jesus, Our Hope 12/01/13 - 12/29/13 David Bisgrove, David Plant, Timothy J. Keller $12.50