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<span itemprop="name">Mourning with Hope Renewal Group – PDF Guide</span>
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Mourning with Hope Renewal Group – PDF Guide

Donna Toombs, Natasha Steenkamp, Olimpio Wen   |   Sep 25, 2020
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This product is a PDF digital download.

The Mourning with Hope Renewal Group curriculum contains 10 sessions that include exercises to do during group sessions, as well as assignments for group members to complete before the next group session. It also includes a helpful resources page of recommended reading on various grief topics to provide extra support to those who are going through the mourning process.

Leader’s Guide (98 pages)

The Mourning with Hope leader’s guide is designed to help group leaders prepare for and facilitate group meetings. In addition to everything in the participant’s guide, it goes over the goals and principles for grief counseling and grief recovery and offers tips on how to run each session. This curriculum is based on a biblical gospel-centered perspective that also integrates a clinical understanding of the grieving process. It’s two main goals are transformation – not just surviving, but grieving with hope, and learning to hold grief and hope together in the healing process.

Participant’s Guide (83 pages)

The Mourning with Hope participant’s guide is designed for group members to engage in grief recovery. The sessions are created from a biblical gospel-centered perspective with the purpose of allowing group members to receive emotional support from others, normalize the grieving process, and explore group members’ relationship with God for strength and healing. Some benefits of this counseling group are fellowship in suffering, emotional insight, character growth, restoration, and spiritual renewal.

Mourning with Hope Renewal Group – Participant’s Guide Sample

Product TypeStudy
MinistryRedeemer Counseling Services