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<span itemprop="name">Premarital Seminar Manual (PDF format)</span>
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Premarital Seminar Manual (PDF format)

Timothy J. Keller and Jeff White   |   Mar 1, 1997
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This Manual is used for the Redeemer Premarital Seminar

REVISED IN 1997, SECOND EDITION. The Preparing for Marriage manual, written by Timothy Keller and Jeff White, is the material used for the Redeemer Premarital Seminar. The manual discusses the essence and purpose of marriage, as well as communication, conflict resolution, relationship roles and sex.

The areas covered include:

The Biblical Institution of Marriage
Qualities Necessary for a Flourishing Marriage
Love: Its Nature and Forms
Communication: General Principles
Conflict and Problem Solving
Role Relationships in Marriage
Sex in Marriage: Principles

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Product TypeBook, Manuals & Papers