Sharing the Joy We Have in Christ

By Tim Keller

This is a talk given by Tim Keller in January of 2019 on what gives a person the ability to share their faith in Christ. You can watch a video of the entire talk by clicking on the link at the end.

Excerpt from Sharing the Joy We Have in Christ, January 2019:

Here’s four reasons why we’re very ineffective when it comes to sharing our faith. One is pride. We actually don’t like people who disbelieve and we get argumentative when we talk to them and we get irritated with them. So one’s pride. One is fear. Especially in a place like New York where relationships are everything. It’s scary to open your mouth in a place like New York. It could really hurt you vocationally. It could really hurt you, reputation-ally. It really could. So one is pride, one is fear, and one is pessimism. You look at some people and you say, why should I stick my neck out and risk what I’ll be risking when this person will never become a Christian. This isn’t the kind of person to ever become a Christian. And then the last is just simply indifference. In many cases you just say, I’m tired. It’s difficult, and my life is hard enough. What Jesus is saying is in all cases, it’s a lack of joy.

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