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Tim Keller MP3 Sermon Archive on USB


Price: $800

Order all sermons preached by Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church from September 1989 through June 2017 (over 1550 sermons). Sermons will be contained on a USB stick (both USB-C and USB-A) for easy download, all categorized by date and series.

Please note:

  • The sermons will not be added to your account on Gospel in Life, as you will receive them via a dual USB-C and USB-A flash drive.
  • The USB only includes Tim Keller audio sermons (no video, PDF’s or transcripts)
  • Our copyright only allows the USB to be shared within a household.
  • The USB should not be copied and distributed in any way. Only copying for backup purposes is allowed.
  • You will be responsible for any local VAT, duty and other taxes. This may be charged upon delivery.
  • No Refunds.

May Book Offer

Share the reason for the hope within you!

In The Reason for God, Tim Keller examines literature, philosophy, real-life conversations and reasoning to present how faith in Christ is a sound and rational belief with intellectual integrity.