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Fellowship Group Handbook

Redeemer Presbyterian Church

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TM 066


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A training and reference manual for all Fellowship Group Leaders. This Handbook outlines the structure of the early years of Redeemer’s Fellowship Group ministry. It was created in 1999 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Our fellowship group ministry and methodology has changed in the years since this manual was written, but we are continuing to make this document available since it has been helpful to other churches in formulating their own approach to fellowship or community groups.

The four sections cover:
The Vision for community life and groups
The Structure of Redeemer’s Fellowship Groups
Group leadership dynamics
Pastoral care

The Handbook covers all aspects of leading a group in detail. After an initial overview at the Group Leader’s Seminar, all leaders are urged to read the Handbook carefully. It should also be referred to when certain issues arise or to gather ideas for the group. Coordinators are familiar with the contents in depth, and use the manual to support leaders.

The Structure section covers the job description and qualifications for leaders, plus the Ministry Community Meeting, initial and ongoing training, apprentice training, and forms for group evaluation, plus an annotated guide to helpful resources.

The Group Dynamics section includes an agenda for healthy groups, the balance of elements in a good group experience, details on leading worship, fellowship, bible study, prayer, ministry, plus a guide to common problems faced by leaders.

The Pastoral Care section covers the shepherding issues that group leaders use to help build their group participants in Christ. Beginning with the role of shepherding and the nature of how real change takes place in people’s lives, it includes spiritual diagnosis, evangelism to secular non-Christians, disciplining, spiritual gifts, reconciliation, plus shepherding the tempted, the guilt-ridden, and the afflicted.

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