The Gospel and Community Conference – Gospel in Life



The Gospel and Community Conference

Tim Keller | May 14, 2004 - May 15, 2004

This was the third in a series of conferences given at Redeemer Presbyterian Church from 2003-2004, along with The Gospel and the Heart Conference and The Gospel and the World Conference.

These conferences were meant to encapsulate Redeemer’s teaching on a broad range of subjects, and were later adapted into the book,Gospel in Life.


The Lordship of Christ

Tim Keller
May 14, 2004
Duration: 40:49

Sex, Money and Power: The Christian Counter-Culture

Tim Keller
May 15, 2004
Duration: 50:25

The Challenge and Promise of Community

Tuck Bartholomew
May 15, 2004
Duration: 52:25


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