A Christian’s Happiness

Tim Keller |  July 6, 1997

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Romans 8:28-30
RS 78-1

Romans 8:28–30

We often ask why happiness isn’t constant, especially during joyous occasions like the Fourth of July. The answer lies in Romans 8, which teaches us three things: our struggles can lead to good, our blessings are forever, and the best is still to come.

1. Our struggles lead to good

God can use our problems for our ultimate benefit. This doesn’t mean bad things turn good overnight, but that God guides our lives towards good. It’s not the tough times that harm us the most, but our own harmful habits like arrogance, selfishness, and denying our faults, along with thinking we can do everything without God.

2. Our blessings are forever

Romans 8:28 is not just about expecting good to come after bad. It’s about understanding that everything leads to good for those who love God. This verse is linked with the next one, which talks about being chosen by God and becoming more like Jesus. It also mentions our adoption into God’s family, showing the strong bond between Christians and God. Our life experiences, instead of hurting us, can show us the beauty of life with Christ.

3. The best is still to come

Paul talks about a coming glory which, when understood deeply, can help us endure any difficulty. Christianity encourages us to think and reason, and to accept it because it’s true, not just because it gives us comfort or happiness. This teaching doesn’t belittle our suffering. Instead, it’s the only view that truly understands and accepts our human pain and brokenness.



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