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A Leper Healed

David Bisgrove |  January 25, 2015

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Mark 1:40-45
RS 353-04DB


Jesus’ proclamation of the coming kingdom, though authoritative in itself, came not only in words, but also in power demonstrating his authority. But the manner in which he chose to use his divine power gives us a glimpse into the nature of that kingdom. Jesus brought healing, and in his encounter with the leper, we see that healing displayed in a number of ways. The leper experiences psychological and physical healing he comes begging on his knees, but walks away. He is religiously ostracized, and yet in his healing, he can access the temple again. There is also the touch of Jesus, which brings social and emotional healing as the leper had likely not experienced human touch for much of his life. Finally, there is the dramatic power of Jesus to proclaim to the man, “be clean!” In other words, it is the same powerful word that brings material and physical restoration to this man that will one day fully restore creation.

A Leper Healed – Video Preview



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