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A New Church for the City

Tim Keller |  November 7, 2010

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  • Cities
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  • Forgiveness
Acts 16:13-33
RS 325-07

Acts 16:13–33

Paul’s trip to Philippi, Macedonia, gives us a glimpse of how the gospel can change lives. We see this through the stories of Lydia, a slave girl, and a jailer. These stories teach us important lessons about sharing the good news of Jesus, no matter where we are. By looking at their experiences, we can learn how to effectively share the gospel and impact the world around us.

1. The three changed lives; what happened to them?

The stories of Lydia, a successful businesswoman who found God through discussion, and a slave girl who needed an encounter with Jesus to be freed from evil spirits, show us that everyone worships something. If it’s not the true God, it will control them. We see the importance of forgiveness, with Jesus as the perfect example. The story ends with Paul and Silas’s selfless actions in jail, which deeply affected the jailer and led him to seek Jesus. This shows that while people have different ways of understanding and accepting Jesus, they are all changed by God’s Spirit in the end.

2. What do we learn about how to take the gospel out into the world?

The gospel is a message for everyone, no matter their race, culture, or social status. It stands against unfair systems and biases, reminding us that everyone is valuable and loved by Jesus. Even though we’re not perfect, it’s important that we share this life-changing message. Through our humility and willingness to serve, God can create positive change.



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