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A New Generation

Tim Keller |  October 1, 1995

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  • Doctrine
  • Sanctification
  • The Bible
Acts 2:40-47
RS 63-04

Acts 2:40–47

The early church, as shown in Acts 2:40-47, grew rapidly not because of people’s efforts, but because of the Holy Spirit’s work. The Spirit guided people to believe in Jesus and follow his teachings seriously, which is the main sign of a real Christian life. This kind of Christianity is full of love, joy, peace, and has the power to change society.

1. What they did

Doctrine, or teaching, is a key part of the Christian faith, even though some people don’t understand it or ignore it. Everyone, whether they realize it or not, has beliefs about how things should be. The early Christians especially respected the teachings of Jesus’ apostles, who were trusted to pass on his teachings. The New Testament, a book of the apostles’ writings, was the solid base of the church.

2. Why they did it

It’s important to understand why the early Christians followed the apostles’ teaching. They believed in a higher truth that we need to submit to. There is no halfway with the Bible – you either accept all of it or criticize it. Christianity can change lives, and studying the Bible can help you know Jesus better. To truly know God, you have to believe that the Bible is completely true and authoritative.

3. How they did it

Peter’s teachings call for a big change – from being influenced by society and what’s been normal for generations, to living according to God’s Word. This change makes us see right and wrong through the eyes of Jesus and the gospel. To accept this view, we have to be ready for a total transformation and a real meeting with Jesus in the scriptures.



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