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A Promise of Hope

Tim Keller |  July 5, 1998

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  • The Fall
  • Sin
Genesis 3:11-24
RS 294-05

Understanding Sin from Genesis 3:11–24

Genesis 3 delves into a deep topic: sin. Don’t worry, though. Talking about sin isn’t meant to make us feel hopeless. Instead, it helps us understand the need for change and our role in it. This part of Genesis shows us where sin comes from, what it leads to, and how it can be resolved.

1. The seed of sin

Sin is when we disobey God’s laws without thinking about what’s best for us. It helps us differentiate between doing good out of fear or pride, and doing good because we’re inspired by God’s kindness and goodness. The first one is just enough to get by, but it can also lead to more sin. That’s why we need the second kind, which comes from a genuine wish to do good. This is where Jesus Christ comes in. Only through faith in Him can we truly accept ourselves and do right by others. And to grow as Christians, we need to pray, reflect on the gospel, and worship regularly.

2. The fallout of sin

Sin is the reason behind all the problems in the world. It messes up how men and women are supposed to treat each other, leading to unfairness and over-adoration. Sin also builds walls between us, God, and other people, keeping us from being our best selves. The church’s job is to use the power of the Spirit and the leadership of Christ to guide all aspects of life. This includes recognizing how disrupting nature’s balance can have negative consequences, and how important it is for all of God’s creatures to honor Him.

3. The cure for sin

When God judges the serpent, it’s a sign that those who try to take His place will be defeated. But in this judgment, we also hear the first mention of the gospel, showing that God’s main goal is to bless us, not punish us. The cure for sin starts with God helping us develop a strong dislike for Satan and his ways. This takes us beyond just following rules, to genuinely hating sin.



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