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A Rich Man’s Poverty

Tim Keller |  November 9, 1997

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  • Suffering
Job 1:8-22
RS 83-10

Job 1:8–22

Life can seem unfair, especially when good people suffer and those who don’t seem as good get to enjoy life. This complex issue is explored through the story of Job in the Old Testament. We can learn three important things from Job’s story: how Satan views suffering, how to deal with suffering like Job did in the beginning, and how to overcome it as Job did later on.

1. Understanding suffering

The Bible offers a different perspective on suffering, challenging common thoughts that it’s all down to fate, human actions, or morality. The story of Job shows us that God doesn’t cause evil or suffering—it comes from Satan. However, God does control how much evil can happen and can use it for a purpose. By accepting the mystery of suffering, we allow God to be God, and we find life’s meaning by letting life’s questions exist, rather than trying to find logical reasons for everything God does.

2. How to face suffering

Job’s story teaches us the importance of expressing our feelings and understanding spiritual truths during tough times. Job didn’t hide his sadness, showing it’s okay to feel and show our emotions. At the same time, he realized that everything in this world, including life itself, is temporary. By holding onto both these truths, we can better handle difficult times and find hope in our pain.

3. How to overcome suffering

Job’s struggles show us a familiar experience of questioning God’s actions, leading to a deep realization of God’s control and power. Instead of punishing Job for his accusations, God forgives him, showing the life-changing power of Jesus’s sacrifice. This knowledge frees us from self-blame, helps us face loss without feeling guilty or bitter, and makes our suffering a way to feel closer to God.


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