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Anatomy of Sin (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  January 29, 1995

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  • Idolatry
  • Sin
Jeremiah 2:19-32
RS 57-2

Understanding Jeremiah 2:19–32

Jeremiah 2:19-32 presents sin as a deep disturbance within us that makes us believe everything, even God, should revolve around us. The impact of sin is serious – it can lead to sadness, ruined friendships, and a shattered spirit. Two main results of sin are becoming trapped and feeling empty. The passage compares our uncontrollable desire for false gods, which make us feel trapped and empty, to animals during mating season.

1. Sin can trap us and we often don’t realize it

Sin can be tricky, leading us to deny or make excuses for our wrong actions, until we eventually feel hopeless. It shows up in our relationships and our struggle to change, exposing our dependence on false gods – things we think we can’t live without. It’s important to identify and face these false gods, because they take God’s place in our life, controlling us and keeping us trapped.

2. False gods will always leave you feeling empty

It’s risky to look for satisfaction in things like possessions or accomplishments because they can’t truly fulfill us and might even hurt us. If we make things like success, looks, or relationships our gods, we’ll end up disappointed. Only God can truly support and fulfill us. What sets Christianity apart is that Jesus sacrificed himself for us, giving us hope when times are tough. The message ends with a prayer asking for guidance, peace, and the strength to live according to His truth.



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