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Authentic Christianity

Tim Keller |  February 28, 1993

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Matthew 7:13-27
RS 40-01


In the conclusion to the sermon on the mount,Jesus challenges everyone. He challenges those who don’t attend church by telling them that not all roads lead to God. He challenges those inside the church by telling them that not everyone who calls him “Lord,Lord” will be saved.

Matthew 7:13–27

Jesus teaches his followers about the importance of telling the difference between what’s true and what’s not. He focuses on three key things: knowing the real way to God, finding trustworthy spiritual leaders, and spotting true Christians. This might seem hard in a world that doesn’t like to judge, but Jesus encourages us to look closely at what we believe and make sure it’s real.

1. Jesus says there are many paths to God shown to us, but not all of them are reliable

Through the image of a narrow gate and a wide road, Jesus shows us that everyone is on a journey of faith that matters a lot. It’s important to understand that everyone has beliefs that guide their lives, so it’s not true to say that some people have no religion or faith at all. The idea that it’s smart to believe in God and live a life of faith comes from Pascal’s Wager. Studying religious texts, especially the New Testament, is also important, and we need to question the idea of accepting all beliefs as equal.

2. You need to tell the difference between true Christians and fake Christians

Jesus teaches that just saying he is Lord doesn’t mean someone will enter heaven. He uses the story of houses built on rock and sand to highlight the need for a strong spiritual base. He emphasizes that it’s not just about saying the right things, feeling emotional, or doing good deeds. What matters most is truly accepting Jesus as Lord and living according to His will.



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