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Tim Keller |  September 14, 2008

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  • Identity
  • God's Love
Numbers 6:22-27
RS 204-4


The benediction at the conclusion of a church service is not merely a perfunctory few words while the congregation reaches for their bags. Rather, it is a reminder of the great blessing of God. In this sermon, Tim Keller explains what God’s blessing is, how we can get it, and how it reshapes our lives.

Numbers 6:22–27

When we talk about a benediction – the final blessing at the end of a religious service – it isn’t just a way to wrap things up. It’s actually a powerful blessing from God that can change our lives. It’s important for believers to really understand what this blessing is, how we get it, and how it can shape our lives.

1. What God’s blessing is

When we think of a blessing, we often think of parents blessing their children, showing they care about their happiness and well-being. Just like Jacob and Esau in the Bible, we all want to feel validated and affirmed. But we can’t get that from ourselves alone. God’s blessing, which comes from His close and personal presence, gives us inner confidence and reduces our need for validation from the outside world.

2. How God’s blessing comes

God’s blessing comes to us because of His amazing grace, which we see in the blessing Moses got: “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious.” The biggest sacrifice ever made was when Jesus died for our sins. Because of that, we can experience God’s glory and receive the blessing Jesus deserves. When we accept Jesus’ love, we become God’s beloved children, clothed in Jesus’ righteousness.

3. How God’s blessing reshapes your life

God’s blessing isn’t just a nice feeling; it gives us a new identity, responsibility, and a sense of belonging, much like baptism does. This blessing, like the love of a parent, gives us security and closeness and deeply affects how we view ourselves, our relationships, and our connection with God. We’re encouraged to seek this blessing and also to extend it to others by recognizing their goodness, committing to them, and experiencing God’s love through prayer.



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