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Benefits of Facing Trouble

Tim Keller |  October 1, 1995

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  • Suffering
James 1:1-4
RS 266-01

James 1:1–4

The New Testament’s book of James tells us about James, Jesus’ brother, who lived his life serving God. He grew up with Jesus, and later came to see Him as the Lord. Even when times were tough, James stayed strong in his faith. The book tells us that when we have faith in Jesus, we can find joy, stay strong, and grow from our struggles.

1. Hard times will come

Being a Christian doesn’t protect us from life’s challenges. In fact, both the Bible and history show us that Christians often face trials and suffering. Sometimes, we get caught up in chasing happiness in worldly things, which can set us up for disappointment. But as Christians, we should expect life to have ups and downs, and remember that no one is exempt from life’s challenges.

2. Dealing with troubles the right way

Believe it or not, there’s a kind of joy that can be found even in the midst of our struggles. It’s not because we enjoy suffering, but because we know that these experiences help us grow. They teach us patience, humility, compassion, and deepen our faith. They help us avoid becoming bitter or anxious. We also believe that our sufferings will eventually be healed and made up for. That’s why it’s so important to stay strong and endure challenges, not just for our own sake, but for love and for the benefit of others.


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