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Blueprint for Revival: Truth

Tim Keller |  August 12, 1990

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  • Doctrine
  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • The Bible
John 17:6-17
RS 212-04

John 17:6–12

Jesus’ prayer for the church highlights the importance of unity within the church community as we seek to know Him better and serve in His name. Worries about comparing ourselves to others in the church can be eased when we focus on Jesus, with the Holy Spirit helping us to see Jesus clearly in our lives. A strong church is defined by a sense of togetherness in worship, teaching, fellowship, spreading the Word, and caring for others, all of which is anchored in deep teaching and dedication to truth.

1. A true church believes the Word

Jesus Christ declares that His teachings, shared with His disciples, are directly from God and hold absolute truth. He emphasizes that a church consists of people who accept these teachings as God-given. This challenges the idea that religious truth is a matter of personal opinion and argues that it’s even more solid than scientific truth because it’s revealed by God. According to Christ, without this absolute truth, life lacks purpose. Therefore, to be part of the church, one must believe in the divine source and authority of God’s Word.

2. A true church receives the Word

The life-changing power of God’s Word is more than just believing; it demands acceptance and embracing, leading to a deep personal connection that creates a desire for divine wisdom. The difference between believers and non-believers is their understanding and acceptance of this Word. Engaging with and studying God’s Word is key to growing spiritually, gaining discernment, and making wise choices, emphasizing wisdom over just knowing things.

3. A true church keeps the Word

Moving from belief to acceptance leads to obedience, promoting worship, fellowship, spreading the Word, and caring for others. The relationship between the church and the government is important and although the Bible promotes their separation, it doesn’t suggest a divide between secular and sacred. Christians should confidently live out their faith in public areas like politics, business, and education, with churches actively working to understand and apply biblical teachings in these areas.



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