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Boasting in the Cross

Tim Keller |  May 24, 1998

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  • Atonement
  • Salvation
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Galatians 6:11-18
RS 288-29

Galatians 6:11–14

Paul, in Galatians, talks about the deep meaning of Jesus’s cross. He says the cross is the only thing he’s proud of because it shows how he’s let go of everything else in the world. He might have written in big letters at the end of the book to show how important this idea is. There are three big things to learn from this: why the cross is so important, how we know we really understand it, and how understanding the cross can change our lives.

1. The central importance of understanding the cross

The cross of Jesus is really important. It shows us that what we believe is more important than what we do. It’s not just about Jesus’ teachings, but about his whole mission. Even Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends, had trouble with this at first. Even though the Bible doesn’t talk a lot about Jesus’ teachings, the cross is still the heart of Christianity. It gives us a new heart and the strength to break free from the things that are holding us back.

2. How you can know you understand the cross

In Galatians, Paul talks about the difference between being saved because we believe in Jesus and thinking we can save ourselves by following religious rules. The cross might make some people uncomfortable, but it challenges all of us to question our beliefs and our efforts to save ourselves. Paul says that really understanding the cross means accepting how Jesus’ sacrifice can change us and thinking deeply about what that means.

3. Once you understand it, how do you make it a power in your life?

Galatians 6:14 says that if we’re proud of Jesus’ cross, we can stop worrying about what the world thinks of us. To really feel this freedom, we need to understand what the cross means and take pleasure in its power to save us and the true happiness it brings. When we truly honor the cross, it can change our lives in powerful ways.



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