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Born Again

Tim Keller |  November 14, 1993

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  • Salvation
1 Peter 1:22 - 2:3
RS 250-10

1 Peter 1:22–2:3

1 Peter tells us that hard times can actually make us stronger, instead of breaking us. It’s like the sun that hardens clay but melts wax – it all depends on how we react. It also stresses the need to be holy, a process that starts when we are born again, a key part of being a Christian.

1. It is central

Many people misunderstand what it means to be born again. They think it’s an optional or exclusive part of Christianity. But actually, it’s the main part, where we receive a new life, power, and energy from God. It’s a must for anyone who believes in Jesus. Any view of Christianity that doesn’t include this rebirth is missing the point.

2. It is necessary

The main point is that everyone, no matter how good or bad they seem, needs to be reborn spiritually. Using Nicodemus as an example, even being good, knowing the Bible, or being a leader doesn’t get you into God’s kingdom. The sermon explains that sin is basically trying to take God’s place, and because of that, everyone needs to be born again. This message offers hope and calls for change.

3. It is a definite event

Being born again is a big change, like getting into a top school. Becoming a Christian isn’t about trying to be good, but about a deep change inside of us. When this rebirth happens can be different for everyone, but no matter when it happens, everyone is equally reborn, even if they don’t know exactly when it happened.

4. It is a supernatural event

In Greek, “born again” is “anagennao,” which means the father’s role in conception, like planting a seed. This shows that believers receive a divine, eternal seed, not like our mortal nature. This divine seed, given through God’s everlasting word, is needed for us to change, because our human nature limits us.

5. It is a complete event

Being “born again” is a huge change that completely changes how we see things and what we want. It’s like moving to a whole new level of life, made possible when the everlasting seed of God’s Word enters our lives. This new, eternal life helps us understand God’s kingdom better than just believing generally.

6. It is a coherent event

When William Holland became a Christian, he deeply understood Jesus Christ’s grace. This wasn’t just an emotional change, but a clear and comforting understanding of the gospel. This shows how important being ‘born again’ is for being holy and dealing with life’s problems with a changed heart.



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