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Born Again

Tim Keller |  December 4, 2016

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John 1:12-13
RS 372-02


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Sermon Summary

Jesus’ entry into the world, as depicted in John 1, was to enable our spiritual rebirth. This concept, echoed in Charles Wesley’s Christmas carol, is essential, radical, simple, yet challenging. It necessitates a profound transformation, surrendering old ways, and embracing a new life, all through the gift of faith.

1. Essential

The term ‘yet’ in the biblical context signifies a crucial comprehension that despite Jesus’ arrival into the world, not everyone accepted Him, indicating a fundamental issue with the human heart. The narrative of Nicodemus, a respected and religious figure, being told by Jesus that he must be born again to grasp God’s kingdom, challenges the notion that rebirth is tied to a specific personality type or increased religiosity. It accentuates that rebirth is a universal necessity, irrespective of one’s background or moral standing.

2. Radical

The concept of being “born again” signifies a profound transformation that brings about new spiritual life and growth in virtues such as love and joy. This transformation also ushers in a new spiritual awareness and a deeper connection with God’s Word, along with a new status as adopted children of God, offering intimacy, inheritance, and unimaginable love and provision. The gospel presents an identity rooted in a close relationship with God and the inheritance of the universe, a stark contrast to the fragile identities based on external factors that often lead to insecurity and emptiness.

3. Simple, yet hard

Believing in Jesus Christ entails both repentance and rest; it’s a process of turning away from self-reliance and surrendering our self-created identities. This belief acknowledges that our spiritual birth is not of our own doing, but rather, it’s a gift of grace from Jesus, who is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. Despite cultural pressures promoting self-reliance, we must humble ourselves, fully submit to Jesus, and find our true identities in Him, recognizing that through His suffering, we are born into new life.



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