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Born of the Gospel

Tim Keller |  February 11, 2001

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  • The Bible
  • Understanding the Gospel
1 Peter 1:10-25
RS 126-4

1 Peter 1:10–12, 22–25

The idea that we need to be ‘born again’ is not a unique belief or one held by only a few Christians. It’s a core concept of New Testament teaching. Some people who are highly educated or cultured might find this idea hard to accept, but the New Testament consistently presents it. How does this ‘born again’ process happen? It’s through the power of God’s Word, which shows us its strength, story, hero, and beauty.

1. The strength of the Word

God’s Word, the Bible, has the power to change us, like a seed that can grow into a new life. We need to read and understand it deeply, whether we have doubts or believe fully. This process of becoming ‘born again’ can happen whether we realize it or not, highlighting the importance of getting to know and understand the central figure of the Bible.

2. The story of the Word

The gospel, or the teachings of the New Testament, tells a story of real events that have happened, not just a set of rules. The focus is on what God has done for us throughout history, not just on moral teachings. This makes Christianity different from other religions; it’s more of a story than a rulebook.

3. The hero of the story

Peter points out that the whole Old Testament is basically a story about Jesus. Prophets tried hard to understand when and how Jesus would suffer and then be glorified. Characters like Adam, Abel, Isaac, Joseph, David, Moses, and Esther all point towards Jesus. When we see Jesus as the main character of the Bible, it becomes less of a chore and more of a source of joy and change, helping us find bravery, acceptance, and triumph in Him.

4. The beauty of the Word

1 Peter 1:12 shows us that the gospel should fascinate us. It’s not just a way to get saved, but a rich and complex story that reveals Jesus in many different ways. This story is not only how we become part of God’s kingdom, but it’s also how we grow and change. Even angels recognize this truth. So, we should let the gospel captivate us, let it become more important than anything else, and let it bring us deep joy and transformation.



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