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Brother, Captain, King

Tim Keller |  February 13, 2005

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  • Suffering
  • God's Love
Hebrews 2:5-18
RS 181-02

Understanding Hebrews 2:5–18

The book of Hebrews helps us understand the challenges early Christians faced, including fear and discouragement. They wondered why they suffered despite God’s love. The answer is found in seeing Jesus as a King, Leader, and Brother who brings comfort and hope through his connection, sacrifice, and joy in us. Seeing Jesus this way can help us overcome our own fears and discouragement.

1. The King who walks with us

Jesus Christ is shown as the opposite of distant gods who don’t care about us. He chose to join us in our human experiences. He isn’t a king who stays far away, but a caring friend who understands us and answers when we call. This shows how deeply our Lord loves us and how humble He is.

2. The Leader who defeats death for us

God wanted humans to create a world of fairness, peace, and wealth. But, our selfish choices have caused a world filled with disasters, war, poverty, and the scary thought of death. This fear affects our actions and our search for purpose, hinting that something evil is at work. However, through Jesus Christ’s suffering, resurrection, and glory, those who believe in him are freed from death’s power. This turns Christianity from just a religion into a relationship with the main figure of our faith.

3. The Brother who is proud of us

The role of family in shaping who we are and what we achieve is highlighted. Jesus included women with questionable pasts in his family line, showing that he accepts everyone. A person’s worth isn’t decided by what society thinks or their family background, but by their relationship with Jesus. He provides comfort and friendship during hard times. Suffering can actually help us grow spiritually, mature, and have a deeper bond with God. True fulfillment is found through faith and following Jesus.



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