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Call to Worship

Tim Keller |  August 24, 2008

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  • Identity
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Psalm 147:1-20
RS 204-1

Psalm 147:1–20

Psalm 147 shows us how powerful God is – He can rebuild cities and count the stars, and He takes care of everything He’s created, from the rain to the animals. It reminds us how important it is to worship God through song and thankfulness, and shows us that God values people who respect Him and trust in His love. The Psalm also talks about the power of God’s word, and invites us to think about what worship really means.

1. What we’re called to do

When we say “Praise the LORD”, it’s not just about worshiping God, it’s about realizing our self-worth because we are loved by the one who made everything. The word “hallelujah” helps us think about what we really value – is it clothes, money, or our jobs? Every time we’re called to worship, it’s a chance to remember that our real worth and identity come from God’s love for us.

2. Why we’re called to worship

We’re reminded to appreciate God’s beauty, not just ask Him for things. Seeing beauty is a powerful experience that helps us stop focusing only on ourselves. True worship means recognizing and appreciating God’s beauty, which helps us become less self-centered and find healing.

3. How we’re called to worship

God values people who respect Him and trust in His constant, unconditional love, called “checed” in Hebrew. This love, based on God’s grace, not our efforts, changes how we see God – not just as a business partner, but as a loving friend who will never leave us. Knowing that God loves us deeply is a huge honor that’s more meaningful than any earthly praise. This understanding of God’s beauty inspires us to serve Him and changes our outlook on life.

4. When we’re called to worship

The story of Jacob wrestling with God teaches us that only God can fulfill our deepest desires. This realization might not come easily or quickly. Our journey to a closer relationship with God might include sadness and confusion, like many of the Psalms, but it always leads to praising God. So, it’s really important to keep worshiping, praying, and praising God, because these actions open our hearts to God’s transformative love and show us the true meaning and possibilities of worship.



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