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Christ Calls Us to Himself

Tim Keller |  September 10, 1995

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  • Purpose and Calling
Matthew 9:9-13
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It’s been taught that Christianity is basically like other religions — but Christianity is like nothing else. What does it mean to be a real Christian? A real Christian is someone who is called. What does it mean to be called? 1) You sense a power coming in from outside taking charge; 2) You are confronted with a person, not a lot of intellectual ideas; and 3) You rise and follow him.

Matthew 9:9–17

Looking at Matthew 9:9-17, we see Jesus invite Matthew to join him and his interaction with those society often ignores. This shows how Christianity is different from other faiths and why it requires a deep personal change. We are reminded of the story of an old Welsh pastor to warn us against just going through the motions of religion. Instead, we need to genuinely embrace the Christian faith. It’s important to keep trying to understand God’s love better. God’s call on our lives is like a stamp of approval on our spiritual journey, but we must remember that everyone’s Christian experiences are unique.

1. You sense a power coming in from outside taking charge

In stories like Matthew’s and the paralytic’s, we see that it’s Jesus who’s in control, not us. Paul’s teachings in Romans 3 show us that God is the one who seeks us out. He uses our own desire to find Him to reach us. The pull we feel towards Christianity, whether it comes on quickly or slowly, and the feeling of an external force at work in our lives, are signs that God is calling us.

2. You are confronted with a person, not a lot of intellectual ideas

Jesus asks us to follow Him, showing us that He is the Son of God and the only way to the Father. The main question in Christianity isn’t about specific issues, but about accepting Jesus as the ultimate authority. We must submit to Him completely, even if it means giving up things we want. Following Jesus means accepting all His teachings, not just the ones we like, and recognizing Him as the Lord of our lives.

3. You rise and follow him

We can understand why Matthew decided to follow Jesus when we realize they already knew each other. This shows Jesus’ humble and unpretentious nature. The act of anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume shows an understanding of His selfless love. To follow Jesus, we must be ready to give up our lives, inspired by His sacrifice, and acknowledge what He has done for us.



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