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Christ Our Life

Tim Keller |  January 15, 1995

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  • Salvation
Colossians 3:1-4
IS 306

Understanding Colossians 3:1–4

When Paul in Colossians 3:1-4 tells believers to concentrate more on heavenly things than earthly ones, some people think he’s suggesting we should be distant or disconnected from the world. But that’s not it. Being focused on heaven actually helps us live better right here on earth. It helps us get rid of bad habits like greed, worry, and holding grudges. Grasping this heavenly point of view is crucial for living a life of freedom and influence.

1. The need

If you’ve ever loved a great story, you know it’s about an ordinary person who goes on an amazing adventure, battles evil, and finds a way to make things right. This journey changes them. They become free, strong, and honorable, and they learn to love selflessly, just like someone who would lay down their life for them. In the same way, Christians, moved by the beauty and selfless act of Christ, should face the ups and downs of life with a never-give-up spirit, having faith that truth will win in the end.

2. The nature

At the heart of Christianity is the belief that through faith, we are connected with Christ. We share in his death and his resurrection. This connection means that everything true about Christ is also true about us. It highlights how important it is to accept Jesus’ sacrifice for us. The church is built on this understanding, and it encourages us to think deeply and explore to understand the truth about who Christ is and his resurrection.

3. The practice

To develop a heavenly mindset, we need to let go of earthly things that have become too important in our lives. This means recognizing when good things have taken God’s place in our lives, especially when we start feeling negative emotions. By making a conscious decision to put Christ at the center of our lives, we can handle our emotions and the world around us with a new sense of freedom and strength.



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