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Christmas Message

Tim Keller |  December 20, 1992

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  • Christmas and Advent
  • Jesus' Birth
Matthew 2:1-8
RS 38-03


The message of Christmas is foolishness to this world. We expect to find wisdom in the palaces of the elite, not the squalor of a manger. Throughout history, what has been considered “wise” has varied from age to age but the truths of Christianity have stood and will stand forever.

Matthew 2:1–8

The story of Jesus’ birth, especially the visit from the wise men, fits well with the beliefs and rumors of that time, like the idea of a great leader coming from Judea and the fascination with the stars. Still, in Matthew’s retelling of the Christmas story, he shows us that our human knowledge and wisdom are quite limited and do not always align with God’s plans.

1. Human wisdom is constantly changing

What people think is wise or smart often changes over time, just like how people’s interest in astrology has come and gone. One generation might laugh at the beliefs of the previous one, showing that there’s not a lasting agreement on what’s wise. This is why Christian faith should stay the same, as human wisdom is always going out of style.

2. Human wisdom is only surface deep

Jesus’ simple birth in a small town, celebrated by those who were overlooked by society, goes against what the world considers wise. His life and death, while not glamorous or powerful by worldly standards, but victorious, make us rethink what’s truly important – godliness and good character over earthly success. Even if it means being laughed at or pushed aside, followers of Jesus are asked to accept the good news, knowing that the world might never understand it.

3. Human wisdom isn’t enough

While human wisdom can help us spot problems and needs, it often fails to offer real solutions. The true insight from God isn’t found through human efforts, but through His Word and His Son, Jesus. This is why even though studies show how faith can help in physical healing, they can’t tell us how to create that vital link with God.

4. Human wisdom is limited and exclusive, but the good news is for everyone

The wise men and shepherds, no matter their backgrounds, all found unity in Jesus, showing that His wisdom is available to everyone. Mary’s simple conversation with Gabriel shows this too, pointing out that God’s love is for everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. But we should be careful not to twist the timeless truths of Christianity or rely on human wisdom, as true peace and salvation come only through Jesus.



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