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Christmas Message 1995

Tim Keller |  December 17, 1995

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  • Christmas and Advent
  • Jesus' Birth
Luke 2:7, 34-35
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Luke 2:7, 34–35

Many times, we forget an important part of the Christmas story – Jesus Christ’s expected rejection. Luke’s tale hints at this, talking about Jesus being left out and predicting how he would affect many people. To really understand Christmas and why it happened, we need to consider this rejection that Jesus willingly faced. This ties to three main things: the world’s focus on the surface, the difficulty of his message, and the sacrificial nature of his work.

1. The superficiality of the world

Even though Jesus didn’t come from wealth or have a flashy look, he was the perfect example of a leader. He challenged the world’s habit of valuing appearances over goodness. Christmas reminds us to reject this focus on the outside and instead value things like love and kindness. Christianity might not always look glamorous and it can be tough, but it opens up the chance for growth and freedom. It encourages us to value the beauty within and to let the power of Jesus’ simplicity change our lives.

2. The threatening nature of his truth

The truths Jesus revealed about our hearts show us our deep need for God. These truths can be hard to accept because we often want to believe we’re okay on our own. Even though living a good life can lead to rejection, Jesus chose to take our place. He turned His own rejection into our acceptance by sacrificing Himself. Christmas is a reminder that through His rejection, we are accepted and can live forever with God. Sometimes, the rejection we face in our own lives can actually bring us closer to experiencing His love.



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