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Coming to Christ (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  February 11, 1990

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  • Justification
  • Repentance
  • Sin
Matthew 5:1-6
RS 5-2


All of us are seeking a verdict. Whether it’s the anxiety we feel when we go out on a date with someone we like or when we are interviewed for a job, we need to know that we have passed the test. In the beatitudes Jesus teaches that only those who are poor in spirit, only those who rely on Jesus’ record instead of their own, can pass the ultimate test – whether we can enter the Kingdom of God.

Matthew 5:1–6

The Sermon on the Mount shares important qualities of those who belong to God’s kingdom. These include understanding our own spiritual needs, feeling sorrow for our wrongs, and being humble. All these qualities require us to let go of our pride and selfishness. The fourth quality emphasizes our desire for righteousness, which is more than just wanting to be blessed. This righteousness comes from God. The secret to a fulfilled life is accepting this and finding happiness in it.

1. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst

The way a hungry person longs for food is similar to how those in God’s kingdom deeply desire righteousness. Everyone wants to feel accepted and valued, which can sometimes make us worry about not being good enough. To truly desire righteousness and belong to God’s kingdom, we need to admit that we fall short of God’s expectations, understand that God’s anger toward sin is because He loves us, and realize the need for consequences for our wrongs.

2. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness

The righteousness we should desire doesn’t come from within us, but is given to us, perfect and complete. The difference between a Christian and a person who just tries to be good is that a Christian admits their wrongs and their attempts at being good, and fully trusts in what Jesus has done. Being saved means God took our place, and when we trust in Jesus, we receive His righteousness and become God’s loved children. This changes everything.

3. You have to be filled with that righteousness

The only opinion that truly matters is God’s, so our self-worth should be based on being God’s loved children, not on what we achieve or what others think of us. This understanding changes how we view success and failure, and motivates us to seek the righteousness of Christ instead of relying on our own. Knowing that our biggest mistakes are forgiven and that God accepts us gives us strength. It also turns the cross from an end-point into a symbol of fresh beginnings.



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