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Confident in Hope

Tim Keller |  January 8, 2017

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John 14:1-3
RS 373-01


Confident in Hope – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

Jesus, in John 14, reassures his disciples, preparing them for the challenges they will face in representing him. He instills confidence and strength in them by revealing the knowledge of a place – a home, Heaven, and Hell. These concepts are explored further, providing a deeper comprehension of their significance.

1. Home

Jesus promises his disciples a genuine home in Heaven, a place of belonging and acceptance. Earthly homes, no matter how great, cannot fulfill our deep desire for this ultimate home. Despite the disciples’ future of uncertainty and peril, they can live fearlessly, knowing their eternal home is assured and safeguarded in Heaven.

2. Heaven

Heaven, depicted as the Father’s house, is a realm of love where believers need not dread death. Despite its darkness, death is a transformative experience for Christians, ushering them into an afterlife of boundless magnificence. While many grapple with fear and regret as they approach death, Christians find solace in their faith in an afterlife and a Triune God, transforming death into a gateway to a world where love reigns supreme and death holds no sway.

3. Hell

Jesus emphasizes his disciples a heavenly home, accessible through His sacrificial death on the Cross. He willingly endures the punishment of sin – separation from God – to ensure believers’ reunion with God. Despite life’s trials, fellowship with Jesus provides strength and assurance, encouraging us not to be troubled.



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