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Confident in Love

Tim Keller |  January 22, 2017

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John 14:7-11
RS 373-03


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Sermon Summary

Jesus, on the eve of his death, prepares his disciples to represent him in the world, equipping them with gifts of hope and peace. Philip, one of the disciples, requests a vision of God to strengthen his faith, but Jesus offers something more profound. He assures Philip that through Him, they can experience an intimate knowledge of God, surpassing any vision.

1. What is possible

Jesus offers the opportunity to truly know God, which is distinct from merely knowing about Him. Despite involvement in religious activities or even miraculous works, one can still lack a genuine relationship with Jesus. True fulfillment and eternal life are found not in worldly accomplishments, but in comprehending and knowing God, as stressed in Jeremiah 9.

2. How it’s possible

Knowing God transcends mere church attendance or rule-following; it’s about perceiving Jesus and grasping the Father’s work through him. This understanding is a journey that involves recognizing the potency of God’s words, which are as impactful as actions, and discerning Jesus’ divine nature through his teachings. A personal encounter with God’s love, a consistent prayer life, and a deep understanding of the Bible are essential for this journey, leading to a transformation of the heart and an ongoing exploration of the Bible’s infinite depths.

3. Why it is possible

The authority of the Bible provides a self-authenticating pathway to truly knowing God. The transformative power of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, which absolves our sins and invites the Holy Spirit into our lives, enables us to experience God intimately. This profound realization of God’s love, demonstrated through Jesus bearing our deserved darkness, not only allows us to see God but also deeply transforms our hearts.



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