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Confident in Prayer

Tim Keller |  January 29, 2017

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John 14:12-15
RS 373-04


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Sermon Summary

Jesus prepared His disciples for their mission by gifting them prayer, a powerful tool that fortifies us for the challenging task of representing Him. Prayer’s power is in the guarantee that Jesus will fulfill our requests, provided we ask in His name, with the aim of glorifying the Father. The basis of prayer is rooted in the Son, encapsulating all we need to grasp about prayer.

1. Power of prayer

Prayer’s strength is a divine gift bestowed upon those fervently committed to serving and fulfilling God’s mission. It’s not a means to selfishly request personal desires, but a tool to seek God’s glory in Jesus’ name. Despite its limitations, the potency of prayer is awe-inspiring, with God’s benevolence making the world responsive to our prayers, a fact even acknowledged by John Calvin, despite his belief in God’s absolute control.

2. Conditions for prayer

Prayer, as a central theme, is more than just asking; it involves approaching God as a Christian, with the privileges of being part of His family. It’s a right for Christians, with God always ready to hear their needs. However, the heart’s motives are crucial, as approaching God with selfish desires or without fervent prayer can be detrimental; it’s vital to approach Him with the right heart and motives.

3. Purpose of prayer

Prayer’s purpose extends beyond fulfilling immediate desires, instead, it serves to align our hearts with what truly satisfies – the glory of God. Worldly possessions and desires fail to provide lasting happiness, a fulfillment found only in God. Prayer, therefore, is a tool to seek and experience God’s glory, align our desires with His will, and mold us into the individuals He desires us to be.



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