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Confident in the Advocate

Tim Keller |  February 5, 2017

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John 14:16-26
RS 373-05


Confident in the Advocate – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

Jesus assures his disciples in John 14 that they will not be left alone, promising the Holy Spirit as their helper and advocate. He accentuates the importance of adhering to his teachings as an expression of love for him, and assures that those who love him will be loved by the Father and have a home with them. Furthermore, he guarantees that the Holy Spirit will instruct and remind the disciples of his teachings, preparing them for their worldly mission.

1. Who the Spirit is

Jesus gifts us with the Holy Spirit, a divine entity, not merely a force or energy. The Holy Spirit, along with the Father and the Son, forms the Trinity, embodying one God in three equally divine persons who grasp and love each other. Receiving the Holy Spirit means receiving God Himself, infusing us with His divine life, which has profound implications.

2. What the Spirit does

The Greek term “parakaleo” or “paraclete” used to describe the Holy Spirit embodies both confrontational and supportive aspects, akin to a defense attorney and a sober companion. As believers, we experience these dual roles through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, who serve as our Advocates, confronting our fears, affirming our identity as God’s children, and providing comfort. The Holy Spirit also guides us in our struggle to accept God’s grace, reminding us of our need for divine guidance when worldly temptations arise.

3. Why the Spirit can do it

Guilt is a pervasive human experience that remains even when faith in God wanes, and it’s a reality confirmed by mental health professionals. The biblical concepts of accountability and justice are inescapable, but for believers, Jesus Christ stands as their representative and defender, advocating for their acquittal with an unassailable case. Comprehending this truth empowers individuals through the Holy Spirit, allowing them to live boldly and confidently through the acceptance of God’s unconditional love and validation.



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