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Tim Keller |  March 12, 2017

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John 15:18-23; 16:1-4
RS 374-04


Conflict – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

Jesus, in John’s gospel, prepares His disciples for their mission, emphasizing a crucial warning: they will face hatred and persecution. He explains the reasons behind this opposition, the suitable response, and the source of their endurance. Thus, the message is clear – followers of Jesus should anticipate opposition, but they possess the strength and assurance to persevere.

1. Why we will be hated and persecuted

Persecution extends beyond physical harm, encompassing contempt, disdain, and mockery. One’s identity should be rooted in Jesus, not in worldly possessions, achievements, or external factors, as exemplified by C. Everett Koop, the Surgeon General. Becoming a Christian can shift allegiances and priorities, often leading to suspicion and hostility, as anything that threatens self-sovereignty can elicit anger, unlike religions that allow individuals to maintain control.

2. How we should respond

The idea of our indebtedness to Jesus and His profound influence on our lives is examined, with a focus on the reluctance to accept Him due to the perceived loss of control. The importance of enduring hardship for Jesus, self-awareness, and accepting criticism with humility is stressed, as is the necessity of learning from our mistakes and taking responsibility for our actions. The call to love and pray for our enemies, seek truth, follow Jesus regardless of opposition, and brace for challenges and persecution is also accentuated.

3. Why we will be able to face hatred and persecution

Jesus Christ, despite His divine equality, willingly bore our shame and disgrace, enabling us to partake in His glory and eternal recognition. His sacrificial act, akin to the narrative in “Angels with Dirty Faces,” allows us to lead honorable lives, free from the world’s judgment. Emulating His love for the world, even amidst hatred, we can confidently tread His path, unafraid of any darkness.



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