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Converted by the Resurrection

Tim Keller |  November 23, 2003

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  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Acts 9:1-19
RS 171-12

Acts 9:1–19

When we talk about becoming a Christian, we’re talking about a life-changing experience, just like what happened to Paul. Being a Christian isn’t just about following rules, but about being transformed by faith. This transformation involves three things: meeting a God who isn’t limited by our expectations, accepting the undeniable truth of Jesus, and forming a deep relationship with God. We’re invited to think about our own experiences and how we can live fully transformed lives.

1. Meeting an untame God

An “untame God” means God isn’t limited by our wants or likes. He’s real and sometimes, He might not match what we think or feel, but He knows and meets our deepest needs. Just like Paul, when we meet this God, we can change in amazing ways. But we need to be open to truths that might challenge us, because this openness can lead to real transformation.

2. Accepting an undeniable truth

Paul’s transformation wasn’t just a story, it was a real event, proven by evidence and seen by others. The core of becoming a Christian is accepting the undeniable truth of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Even though some people might question or doubt this, the resurrection is a fact that we need to respond to. It’s the reason for the Christian church’s existence and means giving up control of our own lives.

3. Forming a deep relationship

When Paul met Jesus, he formed a deep bond that influenced all his teachings. This special relationship with Christ, like being adopted into a new family, shapes who we are as Christians. It teaches us that being saved isn’t something we earn, it’s a gift. We learn to focus on earning God’s approval, to take pride in being a Christian, and to experience the transformative power of the resurrection. This power brings us hope and joy, turning our sufferings into something beautiful.



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