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Covenant Love

Tim Keller |  August 16, 2009

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  • God's Love
2 Samuel 9:1-21
RS 315-10

2 Samuel 9:1–13

Studying David’s life provides useful insights, especially when he shows the goodness of our real King and Savior. One story highlights David’s desire to be kind. It nudges us to think about what David does, who he does it for, and how he manages to do it.

1. What does David do?

David shows a special kind of love to Mephibosheth, love that values the relationship more than personal gain, called “checed” or covenant love. This is different from the “what’s-in-it-for-me” attitude we see today, where people easily walk away from relationships that don’t serve their needs, leading to loneliness and division. Although this kind of love demands dedication and sacrifice, it brings freedom and unity in a community that sticks together.

2. Who does David do this for?

When Mephibosheth, the last of King Saul’s family, is called by King David, he’s afraid. But David surprises everyone by treating him like family, showing kindness and sharing what he has. This story emphasizes the unique Christian idea of loving even those who might be against us, reminding us that we were once on the wrong side with God. It underlines the importance of dealing kindly with those we disagree with politically, showing God’s love to everyone.

3. How does David manage to do this?

David’s love for Mephibosheth, even though it might be risky, mirrors the love Jonathan showed David, giving up his own position of power. This is like Jesus giving up his heavenly position and dying on the cross, which lets us experience God’s gift of righteousness. Understanding this kind of love should change how we treat each other, encouraging us to be committed and gracious, just like the love Jesus has shown us.



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