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Cross (Palm Sunday)

Tim Keller |  April 12, 1992

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  • Atonement
  • Redemption
  • Salvation
Galatians 6:12-16
IS 27

Galatians 6:12–16

The cross of Jesus is a huge deal in Christianity. Paul, in his letter to the Galatians, stated that it’s the only thing we should be proud of, not our own accomplishments. If we really understand how important the cross is, it can totally change how we look at the world, bringing us peace, kindness, safety, and love. To make this change, we need to accept that the cross is a challenging symbol, be proud of it, and free ourselves from what the world thinks is important.

1. The cross is challenging

When you look at the cross, as the Bible presents it, it’s not a comfortable image. It shows us how serious our mistakes are and questions the idea that we can make things right with God just by being nice people. It tells us that forgiveness isn’t about getting even, but about taking on the cost of someone else’s wrongs without payback. The cross also shows us that we can’t fix our own mistakes fully. This means that we need what Jesus did on the cross to save us. It questions the idea that we’re good enough on our own, or that all religions are the same, and says that everyone needs to be saved, no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

2. You’re proud of the cross

As Christians, we’re proud of the cross. Instead of looking for approval from other people, we let the cross shape who we are. The cross shows God’s wisdom and glory. It brings together His perfect goodness and His love, and shows how He has beaten all the wrong in the world. The good news of Jesus changes how we think about ourselves, and our main sense of worth comes from the cross. This frees us from having to meet the world’s expectations.

3. The cross sets you free

Corrie ten Boom forgave the guard who was responsible for her sister’s death. This shows us what forgiveness really means: it’s about knowing that Jesus has already paid the cost for our mistakes. The cross, which shows us that we’re saved, lets us forgive and fix the world, and helps us to let go of things like popularity and possessions. The cross had this kind of power in the life of Count Nikolaus Zinzendorf too. When he understood how important the cross was, he used his money and comfort to do good things. This is a path we should all think about following, to say thank you for what Jesus did for us.



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