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Cross: The Way to Forgiveness

Tim Keller |  February 13, 1994

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  • Sin
  • Forgiveness
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Romans 5:1-10
RS 47-2


The Christian faith has resources to deal with guilt that are absolutely unparalleled. In this sermon, we will explore 1) The feeling of guilt; 2) God’s dealing with guilt; and 3) The healing of guilt.

Understanding Romans 5:1–10

Jesus’ death is like a bridge connecting us to God’s forgiveness. We all feel guilty sometimes, and while it’s easy to ignore or shake off, the Christian faith offers a unique way to deal with it. By accepting God’s forgiveness, we can live guilt-free. Let’s talk about what guilt is, how God responds to it, and how we can be set free from it.

1. What is guilt?

Guilt isn’t just a feeling, it’s a sign that we’ve made a mistake and need to make it right. This reality is tricky even for God, because He hates sin but also loves justice. So, the only way He can deal with our mistakes is by forgiving us. Though He rejects evil, He also gives us hope and helps us confront our guilt.

2. How does God deal with guilt?

The heart of Christianity is the idea of self-substitution. In the Bible, this means that sin happens when we try to take God’s place, and salvation happens when God willingly takes our place. Jesus’ death on the cross is the ultimate example of this. He took our place out of love, which helps us understand our guilt and find a way out of it.

3. How can we be healed from guilt?

Understanding our guilt and taking responsibility for our actions is essential for healing. When we truly understand the magnitude of our mistakes, we can truly appreciate God’s love shown through Jesus’ sacrifice. Those who recognize their mistakes can experience the profound impact of God’s forgiveness and the transformation it brings.



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