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Cross: The Way to Servanthood

Tim Keller |  March 20, 1994

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  • Purpose and Calling
Mark 10:35-45
RS 47-7


On the cross, Jesus Christ gave Christians a new attitude toward the world — one of mission and servanthood. How does the cross turn us into servants? This sermon will show us that 1) Jesus came to give his life as a ransom and 2) The cross creates a new purpose for us.

Mark 10:35–45

In Mark 10:35-45, when James and John ask to be honored in heaven, Jesus uses this moment as a lesson about real leadership. He explains that true greatness isn’t about power or prestige, but about serving others. Jesus himself is the perfect example of this, serving others and even giving up his own life. The cross is more than just a symbol of personal salvation; it also inspires us to live as a community of servants, viewing life from a new, selfless perspective.

1. He gave up his life to set us free

We humans are often trapped in our own selfishness, our false gods, and the guilt of breaking God’s laws. Some people try to escape by either blindly following rules or abandoning all morals. But Jesus offers a way out. He died for us, ransoming us from our self-made prisons, and invites us into a life-changing relationship with him.

2. The cross gives us a new mission

In the Bible, a “cup” often stands for God’s anger and judgment. This may seem strange, but think about how an artist might feel if their masterpiece was destroyed, or how a parent reacts when their child is hurt. That’s how God feels about sin—it’s a violation of his beautiful creation. Jesus, knowing this, willingly accepted God’s anger against sin, showing the cost of his love. Recognizing the enormity of Jesus’ sacrifice, we’re not only set free, but also called to serve others in love, just as Jesus did. This understanding shapes us into compassionate servants.



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