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Cut to the Heart

Tim Keller |  September 24, 1995

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  • Repentance
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Acts 2:32-41
RS 63-03

Acts 2:32–41

In his first sermon at Pentecost, Peter talks about Jesus coming back to life, being lifted high, and sending the Holy Spirit. This made many people believe and change their ways. Peter tells them to say sorry for their wrongs and be baptized in Jesus’ name to have their sins forgiven and receive the Holy Spirit. This offer is for everyone whom God calls. The sermon also looks at how Christianity spread in the Roman Empire, saying it was because of the powerful changes the Holy Spirit made in people’s hearts and lives.

1. What makes people’s hearts change?

Understanding the truth about Jesus’ life and death is important for our faith. The truth of Christianity is proven by things like Jesus coming back to life and people who saw it happening. The sermon talks about how even people who doubted at first came to believe. The power of Christianity to change us comes when we realize that we are part of the reason Jesus died on the cross.

2. What happens when our hearts change?

When we experience Jesus’ incredible love, shown by his death on the cross, we realize our wrongs but also how much we matter to him. This knowledge encourages us to obey him out of love, not fear, and this brings real change and freedom from sin. Accepting Jesus as our Lord means fully trusting him and his forgiveness. We can make this choice today and let the healing message of Jesus start to work in us.



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