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Danger Every Hour

Tim Keller |  April 25, 1993

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  • Doctrine
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
1 Corinthians 15:12-20; 30-32
RS 40-09

1 Corinthians 15:12–20, 30–32

Paul teaches us that it’s not enough just to believe in Jesus’s resurrection. We need to let this belief guide our daily actions. He shows us that real bravery comes from understanding what the resurrection means. This kind of bravery needs a guide stronger than our feelings, a vision that goes beyond our own lives, and a goal that’s more important than our own happiness. Without these, true courage can’t exist.

1. You need a guide more reliable than your feelings

Paul’s strong belief in the resurrection shows us the problems with doubting such important teachings. It could lead to wrong actions. Today, people often value what’s practical over what’s religiously true. This is a mistake. The value of Christianity isn’t just in its practical benefits. The Psalms show us that truth is important, as they teach us to trust in God’s actions. Believing in God’s power to change us through Jesus gives us hope and courage to face any problem. Without faith in God and truth, life becomes empty. If feelings are our only guide, we can’t have courage, because true courage is based on truth.

2. Your vision has to go beyond your own life

Paul tells us that life without belief in the resurrection is just about getting by. This shows us the deep connection between bravery and truth. Believing in a reality that’s bigger than our lives gives us the strength to face evil and suffering. The comforts of this world seem small compared to the eternal riches we’ll receive. Without a view that goes beyond our lives and a truth that’s stronger than our feelings, we can’t have a foundation for courage or bravery.

3. Your goal has to be more than your own happiness

The sermon explores the idea of glory, how it relates to bravery and fear, and how our values affect it. It emphasizes the need to face our fears, reconsider our values, and find courage in Jesus’s love. We should seek God’s joy instead of our own happiness. It also highlights the importance of fellowship, warns against letting fear control us, and encourages us to use Christianity as a foundation for bravery, self-sacrifice, and greatness.



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