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Dear Children

Tim Keller |  April 14, 1991

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  • Identity
Ephesians 5:1, 2
RS 215-12


In Ephesians, Paul lays down the beauty and genius of the Christian life. What is unique about the Christian life is that the Christian lifestyle flows out of a new self-understanding. One of the new ways Christians understand ourselves is that we are children of God. This passage calls us to 1) Be imitators of God; 2) As dear children.

Ephesians 5:1–2

Ephesians 5:1-2 tells us to live like God, showing love to others. This idea is part of a larger talk about how Christians should live and the right things to do. Being a Christian isn’t just about following rules, but about changing from the inside out because of God’s love for us. How we act and behave should be shaped by knowing we are loved by God and are part of Jesus’ family.

1. Be imitators of God

Being a Christian means we try to be like God, and it’s more than just trying to be good. We’re like mirrors reflecting what God is like. There are certain things about God we can show in our lives, and others we can’t. Being a Christian is like making a beautiful painting, it’s about becoming part of God’s family, and it’s a reminder not to think we’re better than others.

2. You imitate God as dear children

Being God’s child means we’re loved no matter what, we’re always accepted, and we’re protected, just like in a family. When life gets tough, it’s like God is teaching us and guiding us, because He always wants what’s best for us. Like in the story of the son who ran away but came back to his father, we’re reminded that we’re God’s beloved children. When we try to live like Jesus, we get to experience the deep love and amazingness of being part of God’s family.



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