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Decrees of the King

Tim Keller |  September 17, 1989

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  • Doctrine
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Ephesians 2:19-22
RS 206-9

Ephesians 2:19–22

The church is like a building with its foundations set by the apostles and prophets, and Jesus being the key element, like the cornerstone in a building. The important thing here is that we need God’s words, not just our own ideas, to guide us. The Bible is the cornerstone for both the church as a whole and our personal lives. It’s important for us to check if our decisions are based on the Word of God.

1. What is the foundation?

The apostles and prophets were humble people, but they knew their words had God’s authority. This teaches us the need for humility when we speak about God. The Bible, being unchanging, is a solid guide for our lives. It warns us not to depend solely on our own judgment. Believing in the Bible’s authority helps us understand our value, make right decisions and maintain a good society.

2. How can you be sure you’re laid on it?

Thinking in the light of the Bible helps us to be creative and independent and not just follow tradition or experts blindly. It teaches us that we need to obey God’s Word totally, like Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son. The main foundation of our faith should be Jesus Christ and understanding that the Bible’s purpose is to lead us to faith in Him is very important.

1. Search the Scriptures

Studying the Bible should be like searching for a lost treasure, not like a leisurely walk. A deep, focused study can give us deep insights, which is like the amazing experience of studying a single verse for 30 minutes. It’s important to spend time understanding God’s Word, a treasure that lasts forever, with the same effort as we put into earning a living.

2. Let the Scriptures search you

Our confusion often comes from not understanding God’s Word and not letting it sink into our hearts. If we read the Bible daily and ask God to use His words to change our hearts, we can experience a deep, burning passion like the disciples felt when Jesus explained the Scriptures to them. While we need to make the effort to read the Word, we also need Jesus to help us understand it, removing the coldness in our hearts and helping us accept Him as our Cornerstone.



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