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Doctrine of Christ: The Peace It Brings

Tim Keller |  February 23, 1992

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  • Doctrine
John 16:28-33
RS 26-08

John 16:27–33

In the last teachings from Jesus before he died, as given in John, we can see three main ideas. First, we can’t have real peace in the world without accepting the truth, especially the truth Jesus told us about God, Christ, heaven, and hell. Second, peace actually comes from the truth about Christ. Believing that Jesus is God’s Son brings us closer to God’s love. Finally, just knowing the truth isn’t enough; real peace comes when we have the bravery to trust and live by this truth.

1. We can’t have peace without truth

Flannery O’Connor, a Christian writer, talked about how important truth is when we try to understand and make sense of the world. She thought that without truth, we can look at things but not really understand them, which causes us to feel unrest. She believed that Christianity gives us answers that make sense with the way the world really is, and this gives us a firm place to stand.

2. We can’t have peace without knowing the truth about Christ

Christianity teaches that real peace comes from understanding who Jesus Christ is, not just from knowing general teachings or truths. It highlights the need for each of us to be saved through Jesus Christ. This is different from the idea that all religions lead to God. Christianity isn’t just about following a list of rules, it’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Understanding who Jesus really is helps us form opinions on different issues and can influence where we’ll spend eternity.

3. We can’t have peace without daring to trust and live by the truth about Christ

Jesus told his followers that they would soon abandon him, and he encouraged them to strengthen their faith through these tough times. Living in obedience to Jesus means trusting him as God, even when his teachings seem hard to follow, and having a bold faith in God’s love, free from guilt. The story of Horatio Spafford, who wrote “It is Well with My Soul,” shows the peace that comes when we give everything to God and live in his truth.



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