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Eternal Life

Tim Keller |  April 26, 1992

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  • Doctrine
  • Salvation
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 17:1-5
RS 26-15

John 17:1–5

Jesus teaches us that eternal life is only possible with Him. Without Him, we’re like the living dead. The moment Jesus died was a big victory. Being a Christian means a big change in who we are, not just what we think or how we act. Christianity is powerful and transforms us. It highlights how important it is to know and believe in God and Jesus to have eternal life.

1. Understand who the real God is

Jesus tells us to know the real God, not the God we make up in our minds. We shouldn’t twist God to fit what we want Him to be. Instead, we need to try to understand Him as He is, through what He tells us in the Bible and the creeds of the church. Being a Christian is more than just believing certain things. It starts with understanding the truth about God from the Bible. This is the first step to eternal life.

2. Really know God

Jesus emphasizes that we must have a personal relationship with the real God. It’s not enough to just understand Him in our heads. Eternal life doesn’t come from just acting like a Christian. It comes from experiencing God’s love every day through prayer and interaction. Understanding Christian beliefs is important, but the key next step to eternal life is actively seeking a personal relationship with God.

3. Know God through Jesus

Eternal life is a gift that only comes through Jesus. We can’t earn it by what we do. It comes through Jesus’ sacrifice and His fulfilling the law for us. Being a Christian is a transforming experience that takes work and upkeep. In this experience, we are made new by our Creator and we should live in a way that makes others want to know more about the unexpected reality they see in us. It’s important to appreciate the eternal life within us, to continually nurture it, and to realize that those who don’t have it yet can get it by believing in Jesus.



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