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Faith: The Complete Guide

Tim Keller |  November 7, 1999

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  • Doctrine
  • Understanding the Gospel
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 20:1-18
RS 108-01

Understanding Faith Through John 20:1–18

The Apostles’ Creed is like a roadmap for Christian beliefs, helping us connect with God and express our faith better. By diving into the story of John 20:1-18, we can learn six important things about faith.

1. Faith can’t be forced

Even Peter, John, and Mary had a hard time believing in Jesus’ resurrection, even after seeing his miracles. This shows us that faith isn’t something we can just decide to have; it’s a gift from God. Knowing this should make us hopeful and excited to see how faith can surprise us.

2. Faith is reasonable

Peter’s inspection of the empty tomb shows us that faith isn’t just about feelings; it’s about thinking critically and logically. The stories about Jesus in the Bible are meant to be thoughtfully examined. The Bible teaches us that what we believe—and not just how passionately we believe it—is important.

3. Faith requires humility

The disciples had a hard time understanding Jesus’ resurrection because their view of Jesus and themselves was wrong. They saw Jesus as a good teacher or a hero, but they didn’t see their own need for saving. Real faith means realizing our deep need and letting Jesus’ death and resurrection change us from the inside out.

4. Faith is about grace

Mary Magdalene’s meeting with Jesus after his resurrection shows us that experiencing God’s grace is essential for belief. Her strong love for Jesus came from knowing her own weakness and experiencing God’s grace. Her story reminds us that faith is about being humble, understanding our flaws, and deeply knowing God’s love.

5. Faith is real

Jesus promised Mary a deeper spiritual connection if she let him return to his Father. This wasn’t about physical touch; it was about a deeper spiritual relationship. This promise shows us that faith can be both mystical and logical, humble and full of grace.

6. Faith is personal

Everyone’s journey to Jesus is unique, involving different mixtures of reason, spiritual experiences, love, and self-awareness. Through faith, Jesus helps us discover our unique beauty and worth. The Christian understanding of faith caters to our different needs and experiences, whether we need knowledge, change, grace, or humility.



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