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Found in Him

Tim Keller |  August 6, 1995

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  • Justification
  • Repentance
  • Salvation
Philippians 3:3-9
RS 62-10

Philippians 3:3–9

In Philippians, Paul emphasizes that our achievements in the world aren’t as important as knowing Christ. He even calls them rubbish. When we talk about being righteous, it’s not just about being good but it’s addressing our deepest need and biggest problem. Paul criticizes the “resume system,” showing how it can lead to exclusion and self-rejection, and highlights our human tendency to want to earn righteousness.

2. Our biggest problem is understanding righteousness

We are separated from God not primarily because of sin, but because of our self-righteousness. To become a Christian means to change how we view our good deeds and accomplishments, not just our attitude towards our sins. True Christianity requires us to turn away from our own righteousness, realize that we can’t earn our salvation through our own efforts, and understand that we don’t deserve anything from God.

3. Our greatest gift is righteousness

The key idea here is that righteousness, as a Christian, is a gift from God. We receive it through our faith in Christ, not from our own achievements or possessions. This godly righteousness, like a bulletproof vest, protects us from the heartbreak of disappointments and failures. When we understand and accept that our identity in Christ gives us our righteousness, we gain unshakeable stability. This understanding separates real Christians from those who simply see Jesus as a good example to follow.


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