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Four Things Christians Must Reclaim (with Q&A)

Rebecca McLaughlin, Tim Keller |  November 14, 2019

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In this cultural moment, when our non-Christian friends look at the Christian faith, they often see a history of racism, an anti-intellectual mindset, homophobia, and the denigration of women.

It’s tempting to think that the best thing Christians can do is batten down the hatches and cling on for dear life, while the waves of secularization wash over us. But if that’s what we think, I believe we’ve got it all wrong. When we look more closely at each of these devastating roadblocks, they become signposts to Christ.

I believe we have an opportunity before us. But there are four things we need to do. We must reclaim 1) diversity, 2) the university, 3) morality, and 4) sexuality. But we must do all these things with humility and not by watering the scriptures down, but by lapping them up.



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