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Gluttony: The Case of Achan

Tim Keller |  March 5, 1995

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  • Sin
Joshua 7:19-26, Hosea 2:13-15
RS 57-6

Joshua 7:19–25; Hosea 2:13–15

Gluttony, which is one of the seven deadly sins, means eating and drinking too much. But it’s more than that. It points to a deeper problem – we can start wanting things more than we should, turning necessities into cravings. These cravings can become addictions and can control us. We need to understand these cravings and how to overcome them.

1. The depth of the craving

The story of Achan shows us the serious results of not following God’s rules. This happened when the Israelites were taking over the Promised Land. This story shows us how powerful cravings can be. They can lead us to make bad decisions, hurt our relationships, and stop us from growing as people. The story also talks about our addiction to being sure about things and how we can heal from these cravings.

2. The structure of the craving

When we are tempted, we start by looking too long at what we shouldn’t have. Then, we start thinking about it too much, giving it more importance than it deserves. Our imagination can make us want and idolize the thing we are tempted by. Finally, we give in to the craving and let it take over our lives. The hard part is finding a way to heal from this cycle.

3. The healing of the craving

To heal from addictions and cravings, we need to control ourselves and make an effort to stay away from the things that tempt us. Focusing on Jesus, and understanding His love and beauty, can help us replace unhealthy wants with freedom. Saying sorry for our wrongs and focusing on God’s love and grace can change our struggles into hope. This can help us find balance and satisfaction.



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