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God in the Shipwreck

Tim Keller |  June 1, 1997

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  • Purpose and Calling
Acts 27:21-32
IS 278

Acts 27:20–32

This story tells us about the Apostle Paul’s risky journey to Rome as a prisoner. Even in a terrible storm with no hope left, Paul’s faith and belief that God was looking out for them led to everyone on board, all 276 people, being safe. This story shows us how our choices can affect what happens in history.

1. The basic answer

By looking at Paul’s sea adventure, the story helps us understand the importance of prophecy and the possible outcomes it can have. It looks at the tricky relationship between God’s control and our own responsibilities, as well as the opposing ideas of fate and having control over our own future. The story also looks at how our biology can affect our behavior, how this relates to our freedom and self-worth, and stresses the importance of making smart choices in the mystery of living a perfect life.

2. The intellectual ramifications

It’s important to understand that our choices matter, but we must remember we don’t control everything in our lives. When we see how events are connected, like how the Watergate scandal affected the start of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church, we see that there is a higher power guiding what happens in life. Accepting this higher power, who works for the good of those who love Him, gives life a deeper meaning and comfort.

3. The practical ramifications

Paul was able to stay calm in the storm because he knew that God was in charge, and his humility allowed him to experience God’s freedom and greatness. Christianity isn’t about trying to reach God, but about accepting that we belong to Him and remembering that Jesus has already faced the worst storm for us. Every storm we face is an opportunity to grow closer to God and see His power to save.



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